Why Does Singapore Love Chicken Rice?

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Why do Americans love their hamburgers and hot dogs? Why do Brits love their fish n chips n masala tikka? It’s cheap, fast and delicious
Charles Q. [Source]

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For this story, we are starting with some basic data about the number of chicken rice shops. This helps us establish that chicken rice is a popular dish in Singapore. We're using an area chart to present the data.

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The origins of chicken rice

"The Hainanese chicken rice debate is one of the best examples of gastronationalism lol. You can find it in any part of Southeast Asia with a history of Chinese immigration."

–Vivian C. [Source]
Hainanese chicken rice, one of the national dishes of Singapore, can also be found in Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia, just under different names and with slightly different preparation and sauces. The Thais serve their khao man gai with a fermented soybean-paste-based chilli dip; the Vietnamese com ga hai nam is served with sweet nuoc cham and herbs; and the Malaysians shape the rice into golfball-size balls, or make a heavily spiced version called nasi ayam.
Shu Han Lee, Fresh and Easy Southeast Asian Recipes From a London Kitchen, Penguin Books Limited (2016)

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The price of chicken rice

Prices are becoming crazier, and everything has increased. But try selling chicken rice for more than $4, and people will complain
Tan, "‘Are they selling an entire chicken?': Singapore-based hawkers react to the $17 chicken rice being sold in New York City's new food center’", via Business Insider

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Next, we're using a bar chart to illustrate the trend in chicken rice prices over the years.

The taste of chicken rice

It tastes so good, as if it is God himself who offered a helping hand on making it.
Iqbal, B.A.
After several hours of stirring and chopping, he had produced an interesting meal that only slightly resembled the dish he loved to eat at his local hawker centre. There was chicken, there was rice, but it was not chicken rice.
Ruth Wan-Lau,The Mysterious Chicken Rice Recipe, Epigram Books (2017)

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Copy of [Quote-heavy story] Why Does Singapore Love Chicken Rice?'s propertyCopy of [Quote-heavy story] Why Does Singapore Love Chicken Rice?'s propertyCopy of [Quote-heavy story] Why Does Singapore Love Chicken Rice?'s property
Different types of chicken rice dishes.

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