No more barriers to data storytelling.

Imagine a world where data stories are easy to create, access and share.

Why data stories?

Data stories are more important than ever before.

Fight against disinformation

We live in a world inundated with information, but accuracy can be a problem. Data visualisation allows us to better see the scale of an issue, and suss out what’s real and what’s not. When we understand things better, we’re better equipped to assess what’s out there and what we can do.

Move people to action

Data stories can be very persuasive, moving people to shift mindsets, exercise empathy and take action. When done with care and precision, data stories can change hearts and minds.

Address gaps and celebrate diversity

Storytellers help shed light on issues and communities deserving of the spotlight, breaking the hegemony of popular discourse. Data stories can invite curiosity and interest, illuminating cultures and communities in joyful and innovative ways.

But data stories are not easy to create.

Data stories involve multiple skills and tools to leverage each skill properly. This involves time, resources, troubleshooting, and often, someone who is a master in coding. How can we make this process pain-free and easy for all storytellers?

With Lapis, everything is possible.

How do we know? We’re just like you. Our team encountered the same problems when we were starting out. Data storytelling seemed destined to be time, labour and skill intensive. Until we built the solution ourselves.

Lapis is everything we’ve always wanted in a tool for data storytelling. But we dreamed even bigger. Lapis is a tool, a platform, and a community, all-in-one. Because no one creates data stories alone.

More about Lapis

Our team

Lapis is developed by Kontinentalist, an award-winning editorial studio that tells data stories about Asia with empathy, rigour and nuance. With Lapis, we want to spearhead data storytelling excellence and accessibility in Asia and beyond.

Our research

4 rounds of user interviews. 3 rounds of iteration. 2 years in the making. Read more about our journey building this product!

What is ‘Lapis’?

Meaning "layers" in Bahasa Melayu and Indonesia, Lapis is a belief in the power of data storytelling—layered with nuance, and capable of shifting hearts and minds. The layers of this regional delicacy, kek lapis (layered cake), are reminiscent of the stacked bar chart, seemingly simple yet embodying complexity and richness of meaning.


The first phase of development of Lapis is supported by the
2022 Google News Initiative (GNI) Challenge.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all our user research participants. Your invaluable insights have been instrumental in shaping Lapis into the platform it is today. We couldn't have done it without you!
Read more about our research here.