Data storytelling made easy.

Lapis is a dedicated platform for data storytellers to craft, publish and share their narratives.

With Lapis, everyone can create data stories. Seamlessly blend text, data and visualisation into compelling narratives that can change the world, one story at a time.

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Stories driven by data can tell us something about the world, and ourselves.

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What’s your story?

Dive into the world of data storytelling with Lapis. No fancy code required.

Step 1: Create

Begin by crafting your story. Lapis is a tool where you can easily layer text, data and visual elements to tell your story your way. Collaborate with others in your team.

Step 2: Publish and Read

Share your story with the world. Lapis is a platform to develop your craft and deepen your impact with every story. Immerse yourself in stories written by fellow storytellers too!

Step 3: Join our Community

Become part of a collective of storytellers. Lapis is a community where everyone can exchange insights, feedback and inspiration. Find your voice as you draw on the power of this collective.

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