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No more barriers to data storytelling

Hey you. Storyteller, communicator, journalist, creative soul. Imagine a world where data storytelling is easy, and open to everyone.

Be part of that world with Lapis.
Alpha launching in December 2023
For beginners
Unleash your creativity with our low- to no-code tool, with an intuitive storybuilder, helper tools and templates.
For experienced storytellers
Experiment to your heart’s content with our custom code blocks and craft a truly bespoke experience.
Easy and in real-time
Start the collaborative project of your dreams with real-time collaboration enabling smooth team workflows.
Share and get connected
Share your work with the community, get feedback, and find opportunities to collaborate with like-minded people.
Data storytelling doesn’t have to be intimidating.

Many find data storytelling a daunting exercise, due to a lack of time, resources, tools and skill sets. We’ve been there before, which is why we’re building Lapis. Let’s tear down these barriers together!

It might be difficult to do things alone. With Lapis, you can collaborate and learn with others. We've got your back, so you can focus on what truly matters—creating compelling narratives!

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Why 'Lapis'?

Meaning "layers" in Bahasa Melayu and Indonesia, Lapis is a belief in the power of data storytelling—layered with nuance, and capable of shifting hearts and minds. The layers of the regional delicacy, kek lapis (layered cake), are reminiscent of the stacked bar chart, seemingly simple, yet embodying complexity and richness of meaning.

Lapis is developed by Kontinentalist, an award-winning editorial studio that tells data stories about Asia with rigour, empathy and nuance. With Lapis, we aim to spearhead data storytelling excellence in Asia and beyond.

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The first phase of development of Lapis is supported by the 2022 Google News Initiative (GNI) Challenge.
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